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Workwear Items For Unfavourable Working Conditions

There are areas where it is important for professionals to wear special clothes. Some people update wardrobes with suits to maintain a strict dress code, some wear clothes with logos which help promote their company and some go for protective workwear as they work in extreme conditions. The article explores three types of protective clothes.

Flame retardant clothes for welders

There are professionals exposed to high temperatures on a constant basis so their main requirements for clothes are durability and heat resistance. The present-day technologies allow producing flame retardant clothes which correspond to the current safety standards. The set of flame retardant clothes consists of jackets, jumpers, T-shirts, trousers and overalls. Jackets come with pre-bent sleeves for better mobility and front pockets providing easy access. Besides, they feature folded down hems which donít let welding bi-products in. Heat resistant workwear jumpers are made from special cotton which corresponds to the existing anti-static requirements. They feature fitted cuffed sleeves and provide a good fit. Jumpers can be worn above T-shirts which come as an additional heat protection layer. Heat protection bottoms come as trousers made of 100% heat retardant cotton and featuring folded down hems and the enhanced leg cut for greater freedom. Customers can also opt for overalls featuring a comfortable design and allowing good mobility. Modern flame retardant clothes are made from quality breathable materials which provide high heat protection.

Protective items for extreme weather conditions

Individuals exposed to unfavourable weather conditions need to wear highly insulated workwear items. Their wardrobe usually consists of jackets, trousers and hats. Special jackets come in a modern design featuring a front zip closure, front and inner pockets which are easy to access, additional compartments for smaller objects and pre-bent sleeves. Besides, they feature a few layers of fabrics and a fleece lining which provide greater warmth. Some models also come with insulated lung and heart areas. Special climate regulation details at the waist allow increasing ventilation if necessary. Trousers have a three layer lining and are made from waterproof and windproof fabrics which provide both great insulation and good ventilation. They come in a comfortable design featuring pre-bent knees and Velcro adjustments. Wind protection workwearhats are made of a water repellent wool blend and feature two layers of fabrics for greater warmth. Apart from that, they have reflecting stripes which make wearers visible in the dark.

Outfits for reduced visibility conditions

People who have to perform their work in reduced visibility conditions have to wear brightly coloured clothes with special reflective stripes. The range of high visibility goods consists of trousers, jackets, vests, shorts, T-shirts and overalls. They are made either from orange or yellow luminescent fabrics which ensure 100% moisture penetration protection. Clothes provide a good fit thanks to Velcro adjustments. Reflective tapes adjusted on the chest or around the arms and legs of high visibility workwear clothes make wearers visible at a distance of up to 3 metres.

Quality heat resistant clothes, insulation items for low temperatures and high visibility outfits are indispensable for some professionals. They allow performing their work without having to be bothered by unfavourable working conditions.