Integrated system for tool carrying in garments

Onepieces, trousers and toolvests with holster pockets solve many of the problems experienced by craftsmen. Tools and materials are carried in spacious pockets and can be reached with one hand if necessary.

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Tool carrying in tool pouches on garments

Most of Snickers trousers have velcro tool fasteners where you can attach different pouches. The pouches will make the garment last longer as the tools are carried in the pouch and not in the garment.

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Tool carrying in toolbelt

Carrying tools in the toolbelt is the most comfortable way of doing it if you have many tools. Toolbelts are recommended by occupational healthcare services to prevent backproblems.

Compatible garments

Compatible garments fits over each other and allows for easy access to garments carried under. FlexiPocket can be worn in a lot of combinations and it functions excellent in all weather and together with any garments.

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