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The Sponsored Walk from Hell Unless You Had a Snickers Workwear Jacket On

I said I would do it reluctantly and this weakened the time has come to put up or shut up as they say and do the 20 mile sponsored walk, you see my name is Rick and I work in the office at a dispatch center for Snickers Workwear and Iím not the fittest of people seeing as though I spend most of my working life behind a desk eating vending machine food and doing zero exercise from any form of hard work, the total of my daily exercise consist of me pushing pens and buttons on my computer then ordering somebody else to get my lunch while it arrives at my desk.

As a last minute resort I have took to moderate training in the form of taking the dog for a walk the last two nights, which was not as easy as you think because the weather has been terrible, luckily for me I own one of the fantastic Snickers Workwear jackets that my job entails shipping around the country to satisfied customers, I only recently purchased one although I have worked for the snickers company for many years, this came about after a staff training day we were all invited on to test the products and give our feedback, I have got to say I was pleasantly surprised at how warm and dry the kept you having only ever owned standard regular winter coats I was amazed at the difference in protection and mobility the Snickers Workwear jacket gave while keeping me warm and dry and elevating sweat which is the usual problem of my thick winter coats.

The day of the 20 mile sponsored walk was here, there would be a group of us from the dispatch center comprising of employees from the office and warehouse taking part to do our bit to raise money for this noble charity for sick children as most of us were parents we could not say no when john the warehouse manager suggested the event a few months before. As we were lining up to take our places at the start of the race you could sense the competitiveness amongst us brewing as one of the lads suggested last back should by a round of drinks for us all, as I was the fattest and most out of shape by far I could see people looking at me with a snigger on their faces, but I had a master plan, before we left I had checked the weather forecast on my pc at home for the race and I knew it was going to be sever rain within the next hour so I brought along my trusty Snickers Workwear jacket and wrapped it around my waist to the amusement of my other colleges, but they didnít know what I knew, to be honest I know this is extremely sad situation to know that any chance I had of not finishing last and buying everybody a drink and spending countless days after in work taking flak rested on rain.

To my delight 45 minutes after starting the heavens opened and it was windy which added to the chill factor of having wet clothes, I slipped my jacket on just before having noticed a few drops of rain coming down and marched on at a steady but consistent pace, after 20 minutes I saw half of my team crouched together in a bus stop shelter trying to keep warm, a few hours later when the walk was finished I was enjoying my free pint Courtesy of the bus shelter crew, I reminded them of the tortoise and hair story, it was just that this tortoise was wearing a Snickers Workwear jacket.