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Snickers how basket works...

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all about 'my basket'

Every shopping website has a basket of some sort, enabling you to collect all the things you'd like to buy before you're ready to checkout and pay.

how the Snickers Direct basket works

Add a product to your basket by clicking 'add to basket' on the product page or the product list page. This adds the product to your basket.

buy now

See an overview of your basket

by clicking on the 'basket button' in the top right hand corner of the website.

basket button

basket screen you can update quantities, remove things, continue shopping or checkout from here.

basket button

altering your basket

Area 1 if you click in this box and then press the 'update cart button' that item will be removed from your basket.

Area 2 this is the image of the items your buying

Area 3 'product' this is the description of the item / items your buying.

Area 4 'qty' this is the number of the items your buying per line.

Area 5 'Total' here is where we show the price including and excluding VAT where aplicable.

Area 6 'keep shoping' if you want to carry on shopping you can either click on the 'keep shopping' button or any of the links on the left menu or key something in to the search box.

Area 7 'checkout' you can click on either of the buttons with checkout on, to go through to the checkout.

Area 8 'checkout Ireland' for all Northern and Southern Ireland customers if you use this button you can checkout with ease no need for postcodes.

need any help?

If you need any help with the basket please don't hesitate, please contact us were happy to help...