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Snickers Workwear XTR Jacket.

The advantages to a great work wear jacket versus a normal everyday retail fashion jacket are huge. The differences are massive when you witness the advancements of a snicker work wear jacket you will start to appreciate what the actual benefits a specifically designed snicker work wear jacket gives you. Furthermore,, the range that they produce suits every work situation and requirement.

Snickers Workwear jacket

The snickers workwear XTR Sheild Jacket is one of the finest in the range it comprises of the very highest quality material it is made from a breathable 4 way stretch 3- layer laminated soft shell fabric in 100% polyamide, it also has reinforcements in what they term as super fabric as you can see there just from the fabric alone the quality material of the Snickers Workwear jacket is at an extremely high level and it is not the material used for a run of the million everyday fashion garment used socially for trips to the pub, the material is also windproof and waterproof which are essential in the working environment especially while working outside which most builders, craftsmen, road worker do having a Snickers Workwear jacket that stands up to the tough winter elements of the UK is a must have the fact that it keeps you warm and dry saves you a fortune financially and emotionally as getting colds and flues loses you money in days of work sick as well emotionally if you have to carry on working with these annoying illness it just makes the day a lot harder which is the complete opposite of what you need from a working day on top of the hard work and duties you have to achieve already also working indoors on most building or construction sites in the winter is just as cold as outside as obviously the heating is never fitted and working while you are working there. The XTR Snickers Workwear range also has many extra functions including a chest pocket with a water resistant zip for your mobile phone, how important is that.

A lot of builders or laborers that work outside have to usually leave there phones back in the company van or car as the UK has so much rain fall most days that keeping your phone dry is nearly impossible, the Snickers Workwear jacket XTR range also comes with reflection strips front and back for high visibility which comes in handy while working in viably hard conditions like nighttime, snow, fog equally important the great benefit of having this added feature is you donít have to go out and buy an extra high viz bib which usually you have to put on outside your existing jacket which generally blocks of the pockets and losses a jackets functionality, believe me there is nothing worse trying to get in a jacket pocket for some money to buy a cup of tea when you have a high viz bib on top , it sounds like a small issue but it is a daily annoyance of the everyday construction, builder, road worker and why be annoyed when you have great new products like the snicker XTR work wear jacket to wear to take your daily work troubles away.

The Snickers Workwear XTR range also features an ergonomic cutting-edge design which has pre bent sleeves, which allow for extreme comfort and much required freedom of movement while working. Snickers Workwear in addition produces a separate fleece body warmer to complement the jacket and work in harmony with it keeping you extremely warm and dry, add all the benefits of the XTR snickers work wear jackets up, and you have one amazing garment at an incredibly reasonable and competitive price considering what goes into the design and builds of this jacket.