Hultafors Knives are industry leading and functional, giving you a durable knife that will help you get the job done efficiently and easily. From Plumbers Knives to Craftsman's Knives and Retractable Utility Knives, we have loads of Hulators knives for sale at Snickers Direct to suit your needs.
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Hultafors Chisel Knife Stk STK
Robust knife with V-ground chisel function. It features a unique function for attaching the holster ..
Hultafors Craftsmans Knife Rfr RFR
Knife developed and adapted to meet the needs of craftsmen, with a blade made from stainless Japanes..
Hultafors Electrician's Knife ELK
The sharpening of the blade edges and the design of the handle have been optimized for cable strippi..
Hultafors Friction Knife Hvk HVK GH
Craftsman’s knife with friction grip. Developed and adapted to the needs of craftsmen. It features a..
Hultafors Heavy-Duty Knife Gk GK
A powerful and durable ground knife suitable for tough tasks such as prizing, breaking and hacking. ..
Hultafors Mineral Wool Knife FGK
A Insulation knife with a 50 mm wide, flexible blade and scale. Its serrated blade makes it easy to ..
Hultafors Painter's Knife Mk MK
Knife for painters, designed for use as both a can opener and a slot screwdriver. It features a uniq..
Hultafors Plumber's Knife VVS
Plumber´s knife featuring a file that can be used to remove burrs. It features a unique function for..
Hultafors Retract Utility Knif UK-Z
Durable and well-balanced utility knife, ergonomically designed for the best possible level of safet..
Hultafors Safety Knife Sk SK
A knife designed with a dull point, developed and adapted to minimise sticking injuries. It features..
Snickers - Hultafors Craftsman'S Knife HVK 380010
Snickers - Hultafors Craftsman'S Knife HVK 380010Model: 380010 SnickersDescription of the Snickers ..
Snickers - Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK1 380110
Snickers - Hultafors Craftsman'S Knife HVK 380010 Model: 380110 Snickers Description of the Snick..
Snickers - Hultafors Outdoor Knife OK4 380270
Snickers - Hultafors Outdoor Knife OL4 Model: OK4 380270   Description A durable o..
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