Getting dressed for different work situations means that your personal protective equipment is suitable for the risk you are facing. It also means that you have picked comfortable clothes that at the same time keep your tools and material in order.

If you use easy care material of high quality, your chances of building a professional image will increase.

Tool carrier

Keep your tools and material in order, so that you can work fast and efficient.

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Size chart

Choosing the right size for workwear is just as important for your comfort as for the functionality e.g. the position of your kneepads.

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The garments should protect you from bad weather as well as other risks in your working place environment.

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If you use garments with the right material and good design, it will increase your comfort and you can go on for longer without getting tired.

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Learn all about the materials that make up your Snickers Workwear to keep you dry and safe.

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