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Snickers Trousers

Snickers Hoodies

Snickers Clothing Trousers Snickers Clothing UK offers a vast range of Snickers Trousers.

Snickers Clothing Trousers

Snickers HoodiesSnickers Clothing offers all the current range of Snickers Hoodies.

Snickers Hoodies

Snickers Clothiing Jackets

Hats & Caps

Snickers Clothing Jackets Snickers Clothing Range Of Jackets including GorTex, waterproof lined and unlind.

Snickers Clothing Jackets
Snickers Hats and Caps Warm and comfortable Snickers brand headwear.

Snickers Hats and Caps

Hammer Holders

Hats & Caps

Snickers Hammer Holders Snickers Range Of Hammer Holders, Convenient and sturdy storage for hammers.

Snickers Hammer Holders
Snickers Hats and Caps Warm and comfortable Snickers brand headwear.

Snickers Hats and Caps

High-Visibility Clothing

Knee Pads

Snickers Hi-Viz Snickers High Vvisibility Clothing to help promote safey on the worksite.

Snickers High Visibility Clothing
Snickers Knee Pads Snickers Knee pads offering protection for floor layers, carpet fitters electrisian and plumbers any one who has to kneel as part of there job..

Snickers Knee Pads


Power Tool Accessories

Snickers Knives Sharp knives for accurate cuts.

Snickers Knives
Snickers Power Tool Accessories Drill bits and tool kits.

Snickers Power Tool Accessories

Safety Boots


Snickers Safety Boots Strong footwear for maximum safey and comfort.

Snickers Safety Boots
Snickers Safety Socks Snickers Socks new winter and summer rang of socks full range of snickers clothing.

Snickers Socks

Thermals & Undergarments

Snickers Waterproofs

Snickers Thermals & Undergarments Clothing for comfort in cold weather.

Snickers Thermals & Undergarments
Snickers Waterproofs Snickers Jackets and pants, Gortex and Pu for maximum resistance to water.

Snickers Waterproofs

Winter Zips

Snickers Winter Zips Zipper patches extend jackets to provide room for more layers in cold weather.

Snickers Winter Zips

Snickers Clothing 

Offers the full range of Snickers Clothing, from Snickers trouser, Snickers jackets, snickers toolvests & Snickers Hoodies the range of workwear from Snickers Clothing is massive. 

The work trousers come in many colours and styles holster and non holster, knee pad and non knee pad there are 3 types of material used for the main part these are not just workwear trousers there a small part of the  Snickers Clothing range.  

• Snickers Clothing offers a massive range of workwear online to buy now
• T-Shits, Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts trousers and jackets
• Workwear in many styles and colour
• Full range of High Visibility workwear form snickers clothing
• Massive range of workwear jackets including Gore-Tex Jackets…

Snickers clothing offers snickers jackets which again come in many colours, styles whether  it be an over jacket you require or a full on winter jacket with Gore-Tex membrane to help protect you from the foul weather conditions..
There is a full range of T-Shirts & Shirts in a full range f sizes and colours, there’s a wicking t-shirt in the range  to help keep you cool when you’re working hard.
There’s a new High Visibility tool vest in the range of toolvests which have all been upgraded recently.
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Dressed for Work

As well as bespoke workwear Hoodies snickers offer 3 main styles of Hoodies zipped and un zipped the unzipped are now as one piece or over the head Hoodies, they come in 3 colours Black – grey, Navy – Grey and Grey.
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Snickers Clothing Trousers

There are quite a few options to chose from materials, pockets, knee pads or non knee pad and colour and it does all seem a bit confusing to start with but we will try to break it down in to sections and explain them.

Firstly we have the material the Snickers Trousers are made from there are 4 basic materials if we exclude the snickers waterproof fabrics.

• Duratwill probably the most popular by a long way, this material Cotton/Polyamide 52% cotton and 48% polyamide (nylon), 240 g/m2, this is very durable material. The snickers trousers 3212 & 3312 are made of this material.
• Cotton is exactly what it says 100% cotton some people prefer its breathability over other materials the new snickers trousers 3215 are 100% cotton.
• Cotton Canvas this is a known as Canvas+™, its an extremely comfortable, rugged fabric. 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 340/m the snickers trousers 3214 & 3314 are made of this material along with the Snickers shorts 3014.
• The Snickers Floor Layers are made from 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 245g/m and dosn’t seem to have a specific name to speak of.
• CoolTwill™ is a lightweight, yet durable fabric. 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 195 g/m and is becoming a very popular material, its used on the Snickers Trousers 3211 & 3311, its unique properties make it an ideal summer garment or where temperatures are higher.

Secondly we have pockets.
We have holster and no holster pants to start with all garments starting 32 are holster trousers and 33 are non holster trousers

The Image below is of a Holster pocket.
The Image below is a non Holster Trouser.
Snickers Holster Trousers
Snickers Non Holster Trousers