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Snickers Clothes UV protection

Snickers Clothes has taken very seriously the use of UV protection in its clothing range as you can imagine many workmen and women all over the world work in a vast and varied climate conditions and lots of them work outdoors. Taking the sun and its effects very seriously is a must for all tradesmen as it can have devastating health effects which in severe cases can result in death unfortunately. UV protection has been about for many years but unbelievably not used in many clothing garments to the amazement of the Snickers Clothes design team, they saw this as an opening in the market to create and design clothing that would integrate such technology to help protect the work force from the unwanted side effects of the sun.

The side effects of not being adequately protected from the sun by Snickers Clothes unfortunately came true one day while I was working with a good friend of mine; It was a very hot summers day which it has to be said is unusual for great Britain but it was and we were working next to a cannel on a beautiful York stone floor, as you can appreciate those York stones were very heavy so off came our shits on went the radio plying all the favorite summer tunes like Will Smith’s classic ‘’Summer Time’’ as we worked away while stopping for dance breaks as you do! We totally forgot about how hot the sun was because we were not wearing Snickers Clothes, we were sweating from all the back breaking work and dancing and I must admit to us both jumping in the cannel for a quick swim to cool down (don’t tell my boss), this went on for the next 8 hours until it was time to go home and take a shower to scrub up from a hard day of working and playing but mostly to take the horrible cannel water off. That evening after a shower I was impressed by the great tan I had received from my day of work I started to wonder what my friend mike might look like as he was not wearing Snickers Clothes for protection and I am half English and half Spanish from my farther side I usually go very dark after being in the sun but my friend mike was white skinned and ginger haired. It was not until the next day that I realized the extent of the personal health damage that had done, as I was waiting outside my friends house to pick him up for another day of work and fun his wife appeared at my car window looking tired and a extremely worried looking, as I rolled the window down on the clapped out works van she hastily told me that my friend mike would not be in work today because he had been admitted to the emergency room of the local hospital with severe sun stoke. Luckily after a few days off recuperating and drinking lots of fluids mike came back to work saying that he had been to hell and back but the most significant thing about him that day was what he was wearing, his clothes looked cool and stylish and he had a really trendy cap on, I said to him you have just nearly killed yourself why do you want to do the same to your best clothes this is where he explained to me that they were not his going out clothes but Snickers Clothes I was amazed.

Snickers Clothes UV protective clothes have a UPF factor of 40+ up to 50+ these outfits meet and surpass the obligatory worldwide standard that’s is EN 13758 and AS/NZS 4399:1996.