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The Snickers Clothes GORE-TEX, WINDSTOPPER, A.I.S Materials & Systems Explained

The GORE-TEX, WINDSTOPPER and A.I.S used in all the ranges of snicker workwear and accessories is of the highest quality and also has the most up to date technology you can find. They really push the boat out when it means them finding the very best fabrics and materials they can when it comes to designing their products. Snickers Clothes always want to go that extra mile when it comes to giving their customers the ultimate in work wear. No other company in this sector of the market goes to the extreme lengths in trying to advance the clothing for working men and women like snickers workwear do, which has transpired into them growing into a very large flourishing company with fantastic sales figures to show for it.

Some of the materials and there dynamic features that Snickers Clothes use across its many diverse ranges are list below for you to appreciate and give you a better understanding of the quality and thought that goes into their garments:

1) GORE-TEX Scientific attire that Snickers Clothes uses is very hard wearing and waterproof to keep you dry. They are also windproof to keep you warm and also breathable to keep your body dry and comfy all day long from sweat and dampness. The GOR-TEX layer has over 1.4 billion pours per sq centimeter. The pours are amazingly over twenty thousand times smaller than a spot of aqua; however they are 700 times larger than a particle of moisture vapor. This aids the Snickers Clothes material to hinder water from penetrating, while helping to keep your individual temperature reduction system in perfect condition by permitting sweat to escape. The outstanding GORE-SEAM strip they also use with their products guarantees that every seam is 100% waterproof.

2) WINDSTOPPER MATERIALS that Snickers Clothes use combine total breath-ability which keeps you warm and dry along with 100% windproof capabilities to aid the comfort of this wonderful fabric. The windproof qualities of this cloth helps to protect the warmth of your body from the harsh elements of weather that chilling wind produces. The total breath-ability of this material helps stop overheating and sweat build up by letting your perspiration vapor escape effortlessly. Snickers Clothes has also included a hard working water repellent finish to this amazing material to give you added weather protection.

3) A.I.S Active Insulation Systems that snickers workwear use is a light weight and soft micro fleece fabric. It is an ideal middle layer for any outside activity with it’s with its insulating and high moisture transfer system. The fantastic trait of the active insulation system is that it will keep you extremely warm and dry and also has the extra characteristic of being totally windproof. This system is used on many of Snickers Clothes range as you can see from the description it has brilliant quality’s to help protect you against the rain and elements.

One question that must be answered about snickers workwear that many people ask is are there garments just for the working community well the easy answer to that is no, there range of clothing can just as easily be worn in a social environment because of their amazing fashion forward approach to designing each and every one of their Snickers Clothes garments from there trouser range to their jackets, jumpers, hooded tops and even their hats and gloves range they can all be worn, if you thinking about doing a spot of gardening at home in the winter months there extensive range of water proof garment will satisfy your every need.