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Snickers 1557 Anti flame Retardant Jacket, Flame Retardant Jacket
Model: 1557 Snickers
Description Snickers 1557 Anti flame Work Jackets
Contemporary design and anti-flame protection through advanced material and folded down hems. Light and comfortable thanks to pre-bent sleeves and ergonomic cut. Also features functional chest and front pockets. Conforms to EN11612.
Please Note Flame Retardant Products Were Missed Priced In Our Autumn - Winter 2011 - 2012 Catalogue
Features of the Snickers 1557 Anti flame Work Jackets
    • Enhanced, simplified design fulfils EN11612 (A1,B1,C1,E2,F1)
    • Pre-bent sleeves and ergonomic cut enhance freedom of movement
    • All hems folded down to prevent sparks and welding bi-products getting in
    • Chest and front pockets covered by fold over hem combine easy access and optimal protection
    • Adjustable cuffs
Material used in the Snickers Flame Retardant Jackets
100% Flame retardant cotton, 290 g/m2.
Washing Instructions
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The conditions you work in leave no room for compromises or doubt – especially in terms of potential risks from sparks, heat and flame. That’s why we created a range of anti-flame clothing that combines an outstanding level of protection level of protection with the functionality and on-the-job comfort you expect from Snickers Workwear. The result is a collection that fulfils relevant safety norms and the demands of hard working professionals like you, making every working day a safer, more comfortable experience.
Created to protect
Every garment is light to the touch and the material is soft, unlike other anti-flame collections that often feature heavy, uncomfortable treated material. This has not been done at the expense of safety, however. All Snickers Workwear anti-flame garments fulfil the relevant safety standards set out in EN11612.
Material gains
The material used in our anti-flame trousers and jackets is specially permeated cotton, designed to protect on contact with flame, convective or radiated heat. Our underwear offers the same level of protection and thanks to the use of advanced material, also delivers outstanding breath ability and comfort.
Comfort without compromises
It would be easy to design anti-flame clothing that sacrifices comfort for heavy, unwieldy materials – but that wouldn't be the Snickers Workwear way. Our range is soft, light, cool and features Twisted Leg™ design and pre-bent sleeves – anything for your comfort and freedom of movement.
Comfort without compromises
EN 11612 This standard specifies performance for garments made from flexible materials, which are designed to protect the wearer’s body, except the hands, from heat and /or flame.
Class of garment
A – Limited flame spread
A1 – Surface ignition
A2 – Bottom edge ignition
B – Convective heat
C – Radiant heat
D – Molten aluminium splash
E – Molten iron splash
F – Contact heat
EN 11611 This standard specifies minimum basic safety requirements and test methods for protective clothing including hoods, aprons, sleeves and gaiters that are designed to protect the wearer’s body including head and feet and that are to be worn during welding and allied processes with comparable risks.
A1: Indicates that the garments meet the requirements for limited flame spread for surface ignition.
A2: Indicates that the garments meet the requirements for limited flame spread for bottom-edge ignition.
Class 1: Manual welding techniques with light formation of splatters and drops.
Class 2: Manual welding techniques with heavy formation of splatters and drops.
EN 1149-5 This European Standard specifies material and design requirements for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing, used as part of a total earthed system, to avoid incendiary discharges. The material shall meet requirements according to EN 1149-1 (Surface resistance) or 1149-3 (Induction charging). The requirements may not be sufficient in oxygen enriched flammable atmospheres. This European Standard is not applicable for protection against mains voltages.

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