Efficient kneepads that stay firmly in position are crucial for reliable knee protection. That is exactly what you get with the patented Snickers Workwear KneeGuard™ positioning system.

The unique kneepad pocket design on all our trousers features special seams, allowing you to adjust our specially designed kneepads in different positions to ensure superior knee protection.

With our new range of cutting-edge kneepads you can count on superior EN 14404-certified knee protection. For example, our advanced 9110 kneepads feature a hard-wearing outside and softer inside, combining efficient pressure distribution and protection against penetrations with maximum comfort.

The unique design also makes the kneepads extremely flexible when you walk, yet they close around your knees when you kneel down. In addition they feature high sides that prevent your knees from sliding off the kneepads.

So if you want to look after your knees – wear Snickers Workwear trousers and you can rely on patented KneeGuard™ protection that follows your every move.

Save your knees

EN 14404 Knee Protection Standard.

This standard encompasses the size, force distribution, penetration resistance and user testing of kneepads.


Reliable knee protection for craftsmen with a mobile working environment that involves regular kneeling to perform their job. Designed to protect the knees from pebbles, nails and other small objects up to 1 cm on hard and flat surfaces.


Effective knee protection for craftsmen who occasionally need to work on their knees indoors. Designed to protect the knees on flat surfaces.

Snickers Workwear kneepads are designated and certified for use with the Snickers Workwear trousers' knee pockets, according to EN 14404:2010. The kneepads are not certified for other branded trousers.