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Information About Snickers Workwear 29/07/11

Snickers Workwearis by far the very finest in work wear clothing the name stands out as the number one in quality, comfort and fashion and also safety above all other brands. Why is this you ask yourself well for most people that buy inferior cheaper products they always end up spending a lot more in the long run because they have to replace these cheap quality items many more times as they do not last as long, the materials used are usually off a very low quality that wears out, rips, and most of all does not wash well, you would be amazed at what damage a washing machine can do to your clothes if they havenít been specially designed to withstand being washed over and over again as you can appreciate work wear gets dirty much faster than ordinary everyday clothing as most workers are usually working in dirty dusty conditions on the floor on their hands and knees in lofts and ceilings and usually on building site's outdoors in all kinds of weather, including rain & snow?, that is why Snickers Workwear stands. It is designed specifacly for the working environment.

8 key points you should know about the Snickers workwear company


1) Snickers main values to depend on every day, internally and externally, they are a teammate to be counted on. They execute at the right time and conforming to anticipations.

2) In the final analysis, firms and companies are about people. It is the public who make the contrast between average and triumph. They swear by there public and respect the individual. They aid them in their advancement and in becoming a part of the prosperity of the company.

3) Heritage Entrepreneurship is how it all began, as well as the mindset they bring with us. They labor as a group, without importance and endeavour towards common goals. Commitment and pro-activeness are key in everything they do.

4) With Integrity & Citizenship there are no exceptions when it comes to company ethics, and they conduct there firm with unyielding honesty. There organization is a part of the culture we work inside. They take our collective accountability seriously, embracing upgrading a sustainable environment.

5) There desire is to be the most sought after associate for distributors and the first choice for craftsmen throughout the European Community.

6) There goal is to be the most energetic and dependable associate, offering premium trademarks with imaginative ultra-modern products formed to keep craftsmen at the cutting edge.

7) There comitment as a broadening worldwide company, Snickers Workwear realizes the significance to take accountability for all there activity, in the European Community as well as in other regions of the world.

They also have to assure that nobody participating in there operation, whether in manufacture, supply or any other part of there company procedure is disadvantaged of his or her humane rights, or endures mental or bodily damage. To define there stance to there suppliers and to there personal staff, They have appoint a code of conduct.

8) There Main office is in Stockholm, Sweden, and there is where you will encounter central roles such as merchandise development, accounting, design, IT, merchandising, PR, human resources and logistics.

There main warehouse is sited in the Netherlands, enabling them to deliver at full speed throughout the European Community.

The majority of there twenty sales enterprises in the European Economic Community have a national office. Eastern Europe is tended to by the head office. Snickers Workwear additionally has production offices worldwide