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how to use this website

The Snickers website has been designed to make it easy for you to find what you're after. It's up to you how you use it...

browse by category (click on 'Snickers & Trousers', 'Belts & Harness' etc)

search for specific products (using the search box above)

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Searching Finding the product you're after is easy: just type a word into the search box such as 'baking', and every product associated with baking will appear on the search results page.

Tip: Try being as specific as possible to narrow down your search. Typing the word 'trousers' will show you lots of results, but if you're actually after a holster trousers, type 'holster trousers' - the results will be much more relevant.

Alternatively, just type the catalogue reference number of the product you're looking for.

how to order

Find a product you want and click 'add to basket' - it'll then be added to your shopping basket (you can see this by clicking on the 'basket button' up in the top right). Once you've got everything that you want in your basket, click on 'checkout button' to continue.

'Checkout' is just like a till in a real shop: it's here that you pay for your shopping. On the website this involves you giving us your address. If it's your first time all you need do is fill in our 'Checkout Form'then click continue, if you've shoped with us before, You'll need to log - this takes you to the secure part of our website.

If you've placed an order on this website before, you simply type in your email address and password to log in. If you're a newcomer, just fill in the 'Checkout Form' in your details and choose a password - it's quick and easy to do.

If you're still unsure of how to order online, don't worry - please call us on 0845 0941 041 and we'll be happy to guide you through the process or take your order over the phone.

my account

Your Snickers shopping details are private, so you'll need to type your email address and password to access your account: no-one but you will know your password. See secure online shopping.

my account Your shopping details are stored here - have a look and change them if you need to. See privacy policy.

my orders Follow your orders through our system using our 'order tracking' system. This also provides you with a record of all your past orders, you need to login to track your orders. (Please note: only orders placed on this version of our website can be viewed here. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 0845 0941 041, or use the contact us page.