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Going to Watch the European Cup In My Snickers Jacket

What a day this was going to be, me and four of my mates John, Bill, Craig and Steve had been waiting for this game for months it was the European cup final in Russia and it was the mighty reds Manchester united versus our great foes Bayern Munich. I had been working hard bricklaying saving up for this football holiday putting in overtime at work working outside in the wind and rain luckily I had my trusty Snickers coat to keep me protected a coat that would come in to great use later while in Russia.

We all went for a pint at our local pub a couple of days before to see how everybody was getting to the airport and to see what everybody was taking with them in terms of clothing, obviously we would all be taking our famous red shirts but one of the lads had been following the weather reports from Russia and it was going to be a cold wet one by all accounts, straight away I knew I would be taking my Snickers jacket with me as it is great for keeping you warm and dry in the worst kind of weather conditions. Most of the lads were not thinking like I was they had the impression that they would be heading into the Russian town the night before and after the game to try and pull some women.

It was the day of our football journey I was packed ready to go and I had my Snickers jacket in my carry on bag so I could put it on when we arrived in Russia because I knew it would be cold and I did not want to risk getting sick from a cold or flu before the big match, how those words would haunt john and Craig a day later as they were sporting there very fashionable jeans and T-shirt when we eventually arrived in the Russian airport. After picking our luggage up and going through passport control we made our way outside the airport to get a taxi to our hotel we had previously booked online a few week before we were due to leave this was not easy as many hotels were asking if we were coming to watch the football before the excepted our booking this is due to English football fans having a bad reputation, which is totally unfair for the vast majority of us.

The day before the match John and Craig came down with serious flu, bed rest, antibiotics the full works no football match for those two, this maybe had something to do with them prancing around town in minus degrees with just a T-shirt and pair of designer jeans on trying to pick up women that did not have a clue what they were saying not just because of the different accent but Craig and john are Geordies and we don’t understand what they’re saying at the best of times, not like my good self warm and cozy in my Snickers jacket. So match day came around and there was just myself, Bill and Steve, those 2 decided to be loyal supports and just wear their Manchester united shirts, I had my united top on but thought it would be a good idea to put my Snickers jacket over the top, how right I was because when we were cueing to get into the match the rain came down in buckets those 2 spent the rest of what was a amazing night freezing more worried about that than the match were as I was warm and dry to experience the mighty reds win the European cup.