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Going Motor Cross Riding In My Snickers Workwear

A dangerous and dirty sport I know but one me and a close group of friends love with a passion, one of the draw back about practicing on your bike is the unpredictable UK weather, you see its hard to find a suitable jacket to wear because you need to be totally unrestricted while you are operating a motor cross bike our it can become real dangerous real quick, this is where I had the idea of using my Snickers Workwear.

It was around December a couple of year ago and me and my friends took our bikes up to the mountain range near where I live and unfortunately I did not have time to wash my motor cross clothes from the week before so I was stuck with a dilemma of what to wear instead, as most of my wardrobe consisted of jeans and T-shirts or tracksuits for the gym I was stuck for choice then I had the brain wave about wearing my Snickers Workwear clothes, you see by trade I am a landscape gardener and I work out doors most of the time so I purchased a while back a set of clothing that would be suitable to work in rain, snow and windy conditions as I face this most of the year apart from the standard week of sun we get in the UK, the clothes that I decide to buy after a lot of research was Snickers Workwear as it has amazing durability and can withstand the extremely cold temperatures and also is one hundred percent waterproof and windproof as it is made from the best material on the market Gore-Tex.

Having made the decision to try out my work wear, my friends that i was riding with questioned me on the wisdom of me wearing my Snickers Workwear, by the look on their faces I knew they were thinking to themselves what is he doing is he mad. Me and the boys took off up the mountain track going through sliding muddy corners and taking jumps big and small along the way, lots of fun was being had but we started to get carried away and went further and further away from the car park were we had left the cars and motor bike trailers, doing this can be risky as if you have ever had a crosser you will know that they tend to break down very easily and always at the most inconvenient times, as we carried on another 10 miles up the track a few light spots of rain started to come down I was ok as I was wearing my Snickers Workwear put the other lads in the group were kitted out in full motor cross attire that is not really made for the rain, wind and cold all of which does not usually mater as you are generating heat by ridding the bike hard but then it happened my friend in front john took a jump a bit fast and when he came down he damaged the bike and it just cut out dead, to make matters even worse the light spots of rain started to become a lot heavier, as we went to help john my other friend that was on the ride with us mark started to have problems with his bike, as the pair of them were stood there freezing a good 10 miles walk back to the cars and trailers the both vowed to buy the exact same Snickers Workwear jacket as me for our next trip out, as it happens things didnít turn out to bad for them as I went back and picked the car and trailer up and meet the two drowned rats one hour latter.