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Can You Go Snowboarding in Snickers Workwear

My name is Paul and I want to tell you about an argument I recently had with my friends, the argument or heated debate whichever way you want to look at it was about us all going on holiday snowboarding and could I get away with not buying the expensive snowboarding clothes like pants and jacket and just wear my Snickers Workwear instead, this heated debate went on to the early hours of the morning helped along with a few beers to increase the intensity of the discussion, the general consensus in the room was I was mad and I would freeze to death and get soaking wet but I begged to differ as I am a construction worker and spend a lot of my time working in the extreme UK winter climate by wearing my Snickers Workwear and having to deal with rain, wind and snow on a daily basis but keep warm and dry was something I knew a lot more about than they did as all of my friends are pen pushers that work in offices and only brave the cold climate getting in and out of the cars going to work and coming home. I knew that my Snickers Workwear was durable, functionable and also very protective to the cold weather along with its amazing systems that allow you to keep warm and dry yet transfer sweat away from your body something that is needed when you are doing a back braking job outside on a building site and I was of the strong opinion that all these benefits would transfer on to the slopes on our snowboarding holiday because obviously being in that environment it is going to be very cold and wet but most of all you are going to sweat from the general exercise that snowboarding puts on your body.

A few days before we went on holiday the lads arrange a bit of a shopping outing to buy the snowboarding clothes and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to take a look for myself what feature these clothes had and would using my Snickers Workwear be a bad idea, after a couple of hours going from one ski and snowboard shop to another the trip was over and I was starting to smile as my friends had spent a fortune and I knew in my heart of hearts that my Snickers Workwear was not only of a higher protective quality but it was lighter and a lot more fashionable looking as well, another key point my friends had not considered because they had never seen me at work or in my snickers workwear for the fear of hard work and getting dirty I had assumed.

The big day had arrived we were in America at one of the most beautiful ski and snowboarding resorts and we had arrange to meet in the hotel lobby at 9am before we set out for the slopes, the time to meet had arrived and I was fully kited out in my Snickers Workwear jacket, pants, underwear, hat and gloves, as I approached the lobby one of the lads mark shouted see you went out and purchased the snowboarding kit after all we were right the beers are on you tonight, sorry my friend I replied this is my snickers work gear and it cost half the price of that tat you lot are wearing and looks ten times better, after a good ten hours of fun on the slopes and me dry as a bone I enjoyed my free pint of the lads.